Designed to allow elementary aged children to discover the richness of the entire Christmas story. Through the four lessons, your kids will journey from Gabriel’s announcement, to Mary's visit to Elizabeth, to the birth of Jesus, and the arrival of the Magi (wise men). Each lesson includes a video from the Holy Moly curriculum, a story from the Holy Moly Story Bible, and activities that help kids become storytellers themselves as they create interactive art projects they can use to retell the story in their own words.

  • Everything you need including leader guides and teaching materials 
  • Holy Moly Christmas videos
  • Christmas PowerPoint slides based on Holy Moly Story Bible
  • Children’s learner resources
  • Family ministry home use

Four-week Christmas Curriculum

What’s included in the Holy Moly: It’s Christmas! Kit:

This guide will help you navigate all the materials to prepare successful lessons.

Quick Start Guide

This will give you insight into all materials you need to have for each week.

Supplies List

Leader Guide

The physical pieces will give kids an opportunity to imagine what the real experiences might have been like.

The PowerPoint slides help to teach the kids
the Bible stories in each lesson. 

PowerPoint presentations from
Holy Moly Storybook Bible

Story Script

This script will aid your leaders in making the stories come to life!

This guide will make your leaders feel confident on how to run the lesson.


This take-home sheet will allow kids to continue exploring the story at home with their families. 

Family Page

Christmas Videos

These fun and engaging animated videos provide a uniquely immersive experience for kids each week as you journey through the Christmas story.

Make this Christmas one that you and your church will remember for years to come!

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